Additional documentation and example on WPF/pyrevit.forms

I will start with a thank you for everything has been already done and with a “Hi”.
Next I would like to raise the necessity to have a bit more example and documentation around how to build UIs using ootb functionalities of pyrevit, withouth necessarly going into WPF.
Also would be very interesting to understand how to work with modeless forms and work with picking and other stuffs.

Hi, @cesare.caoduro
There is quite a bit of documentation here

and here for the input in the module forms

for the outputs in the output module

and maybe this too

there is a post by Cyril Waechter about model-less

Sure there is plenty of documentation :slight_smile:
I was looking at something a bit more structured with a real example of using, for example,
third party libraries to drive the look and feel of the WPF windows ( MahApps.Metro - Home we usually use this).
Do I need to put all the libraries in the /bin folder to be found but the XAML? Does it mean that I need to replicate the /bin dlls for each button/window I want to open?
Also would be interesting to understand a bit more about the “picking object/s” and to use that.
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