Adding Buttons to Modify Panel

Is there a way to use pyRevit to make some of my custom extension script buttons visible in other panels?

For example, using context is nice but if that could be extended even more to allow the buttons to move to other panels that would be awesome.

I’ve searched the topic a bit and it seems kind of complicated but maybe pyRevit has some existing code to make it easier?

Any ideas would be helpful!

Can you provide an example of what you mean?

If I am understanding you correctly yes this is possible.

In the above, there are three tabs for pyRevit. The default and two custom ones that I created. On the tab in the image, there are four panels (not organized but they are there). Some of those buttons also have drop-downs with multiple tools under a single button.

Do you mean to have buttons in standard revit or other plugin tabs/panels?
Have you tried to call you .tab and .panel folders with the same name as those?

I once did the opposite: use the same tab as my pyrevit extension for a custom revit plugin I developed. At boot they appeared in the same tab, but as soon as I reload pyrevit, my custom plugin buttons are removed. It shouldn’t be a problem for the end user that doesn’t add pyrevit scripts, but it could be annoying…

Here is a link I found on github that describes what I was trying to do:

Basically, moving one of my custom extension panels/buttons from its own tab to within a native Revit tab (which apparently some think is bad practice but I’ve not had any issues).

What do you mean by this? Have you done this before? If so, what’s your question about?

Why put it in a native panel? Just add a hotkey to the tool and call it a day.