Adding authentication with MySQL database through pyrevit or dynamo

So ive already make a sort of tools with dynamo and pyRevit

Now i wanted to make an authentication with Digital Ocean MySQL database. so basically i wanted to auth every tools that ive made. notes: every this tools is made using dynamo, with datashapes GUI for the input

so heres the flow

  1. The user listed in the database consist of id,name,username, etc.
  2. If the user listed in the database (check using query) then the datashapes gui Toggle will be inputted true.
  3. If the user is not listed in the database then the datashapes gui toggle will be inputted false

Ive already tried some ways to achieve this but im stuck at connecting to the database, heres whats ive already tried.

Is there a way to im getting connection between dynamo and the digital ocean database? or Is there another way to achieve the objective?

Already solved, Thanks you!