Action Transformers For Revit - Anyone Thought About It?

I just listened to this amazing podcast in which the founder of Replit very breifly explained ‘action transformers’. He explained it as similar to chat GPT-3 but instead of predicting language, it predicts actions. I immediately thought of Revit because in the past I have envisioned this in Revit but didn’t know what it was called. I could see this learning as you work on several projects then constantly predicting your next 10 buttons it thinks you may use. At any point you could take its suggestion. It could even tell bim managers when people are doing the same tasks repetitively on every single project so they could make updates to the template. Does anyone have their eye on this?

The portion of the interview I am talking about is from 41:00 - 42:00.

Very interested to hear your thoughts.

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