Using extension based on discipine

Hey there,

So I have been working on my custom extension. It’s been fun and a learning experience. I showed off my extension to others in different disciplines and they loved the concept. I have my extension applied using the custom extension by adding the folder.

Is it possible to use pyrevits extension manager to add my own custom extensions? The idea is I would have a single extension. Each discipline would have their own panel and using the extension manager in pyrevit I could check a box to enable certain panels and also hide others. The extension would have a base panel that are tools that every discipline would use. I know pyrevit itself uses this concept with the noting(I think). So is it possible for us to use that same concept.

If not how would you handle this?

Yeah, that seems perfectly reasonable. I’ve done something similar. With a slight twist.
I suggest you do it in the same way.
Don’t create a single extension, but create mutliple extensions.

I’ve got CORE/STRUC/ARCH/MEP extensions that house general & discipline scripts.
And I’ve added a LIBRARY that houses all the shared code & functionality.
They all use the same directory tree so they all appear on a single ribbon tab. But because they’re split into seperate extensions, it’s possible to enable all the tools your user doesn’t need.

In order to get this to work you need something like the following:


  • YOURCORE .extension
  • YOURSTRU .extension
  • YourExtension.json

I also suggest you look at this video: