Tab Coloring problem


I’ve used the Tab Coloring script for a while now and love it.
Recently i updated pyrevit to the latest version and noticed that Tab Coloring was off.
No problem i just turned it on again.
But the next time i opened revit it was off again.
Every time i open revit it is turned off now.
Is this a Bug or am i doing something wrong?


Most probably a glitch.
You could set the configuration manually by editing the pyrevit_config.ini in the %appdata%/pyRevit/ There is a section for Colorize_Documents, set it to true

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Thanks this fixed it

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I am having this same issue with having to reload it every time. When I search for and open the pyrevit_config.ini file, this is all it contains:

clones = {“master”:“C:\Program Files\pyRevit-Master”}

Did I need to install the developer tools as well?

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Related issue… when I go into pyRevit Settings, UI/UX, and set up my preferred Tab Coloring settings… there are two options to exit. “Just Save Settings” and “Save Settings and Reload”. “Just Save Settings” applies my changes and it works fine until I close down my Revit session. I will need to go through those steps again every time I restart Revit, which is what I do right now. If I select the “Save Settings and Reload” option, it basically ignores my changes and I’m right back to where I started. It never saves anything.

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Are you sure its the file located at C:\Users"username"\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit\pyRevit_config.ini you are opening?

In the ini file you will find “colorize_docs = false”

change false to true and it should solve when you start revit the next time.

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I do not have that file in that location… not sure why. I have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times. Both the regular and admin versions. No luck. I’m on Windows 10, and don’t have any kind of restrictions in installing software. I installed it in the default location. I have to actually search my entire C: drive to find that file.

The only place that file exists on my entire C: drive is under C/Program Data/pyRevit, and like I said above… it only has these 2 lines of text, that’s it:

clones = {“master”:“C:\Users\jgeorge\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit-Master”}

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You probably installed an admin version previously.
I would suggest doing a clean uninstall and delete all files related to pyRevit in C/Program Data/pyRevit and %appdata%/pyrevit and %appdata%pyrevit-master
Then install the latest release, non admin one:

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