Status of switch to pythonnet/cpython

in this video (pyRevit 4.7-beta (Finally CPython!!!!) - YouTube) Ehsan expresses hope to fully switch to pythonnet in order to be able to utilise the speed of CPython and also be able to use external libraries. Since it’s now been three years since that video has been released, I was wondering what the current status on that is and whether it’s still something the pyrevit community strives to achieve?

I feel like restraining developers to IronPython makes it hard to build more sophisticated tools with pyrevit.



As you can read here Eshan was waiting for a pythonnet major update that is still on the way.

I tried to fix things as they currently are, and my pull request is already merged.

You can try the WIP releases you find there and tell us if there’s something missing!

Thanks for the answer! It’s pretty unfortunate that v3.0 is taking such a long time to be released.