Script config settings across users

Hello PyReviteers,

I’m working on a script that needs to store some settings unique to each Revit project but they need to be accessible to all users in my organization. I’ve read up about Shift + Click and config files as well as the data files in .scripts module, but as far as I can tell those settings are local to the current user? This behavior makes sense for the examples I looked into like the Match tool where each user has their own settings.

My thought was to write the settings I need to a .csv file on our server and have Shift+Click config file read from that location. Does this make any sense or am I out to lunch. I’m self taught in all this and still learning.

Hi @JAarch25,
It does make sense. That or writing to a database on the web.
CSV on a server, you might, in rare case have access issues when lots of users try to access the exact same file. Other than that, it should work smoothly

If its unique to the project you could use extensible storage. I’ve used it for similar purposes in the past

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