pyRevit and VIKTOR

Is there a possibility of having pyRevit and Viktor, a cloud based platform,(uses Python), working together, pyRevit would be the Desktop based version of the application taking users directly to the issues- element ID hyperlink, when we run a test like Model Health Check on Revit. Viktor would be the web based platform, compiling data/Reports real-time from Desktops while running the apps, as well as the ability of assessing Models and identifying errors on BIM 360 using Autodesk Platform Services.

Link to Viktor -


Hi @roshan_kerketta,
after lurking through viktor documentation (never heard of it, seems really cool!) I don’t think it is possible to do what you have i mind.

It seems to me that an app in viktor can be only accessed via browser and there’s no API to talk to (a common problem with all these low-code platforms, they ease the development of web apps but don’t allow to do anything else).

Current connections with third party apps is done via workers that accepts commands/tasks from a viktor app; most of them are written using the slow, old COM interfaces, something that is not available in Revit.

The only option would be to use the generic integration to run pyrevit CLI and launch the script of your choice.

I did a few proof of concept around the theme but with streamlit instead of viktor

My architecture / train of thought was different:

  • pyRevit hook to collect the data and send to a db. Doc-opened in my case, and I took great care to not collect the data twice during one period so that I would not overload my db with useless data.
  • db could be excel (hosted on SharePoint and sync with onedrive), CSV (hosted on GDrive), cloud db such as planet scale
  • streamlit app to do the bi dashboard. (Pretty easy to setup, especially if you know how to manipulate data frame. But… Not too fast. _ alternative is to use looker or tableau or PBI with the GDrive shared link to the CSV as source of data

I opted for the CSV hosted on a GDrive, it worked very well, i used a shared link to grab the data from streamlit app. Benchmarking on my team, the CSV is about 350ko after a month with a team of 20+ people on many different projects

Next natural step is to used a cloud hosted db

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