PyRevit 4.8.3 Beta

Good morning all,

Love the tool and its flexibility. I was curious how long Beta’s are beta’s before they are released for public consumption. I downloaded the 4.8.3 beta to test out the BIM 360 integration for Manage Keynotes and I was having an issue opening Dynamo where it would take forever or not open at all (just the spinning wheel and (not responding).

Thank you
Jason P.

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Hi Jason,
I doubt Dynamo being slow to open has to do with the beta. I have been using both without noticing any differences. What do make dynamo opening slowly is having certain custom packages installed or just a whole lot of them.

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Does Dynamo load normally if pyRevit is not loaded? You can attach pyRevit from Revit installations y running pyrevit detach --all in command line. Reattach them later by running pyrevit attach master 277 --installed

It did but I now suspect that Dynamo was not working because our scripts and package location is mapped to the server instead of local. With a 100mbps connection it probably wasn’t connecting to the server fast enough across the VPN thus causing issues. I just reinstalled 4.8.4 and dynamo was still quite slow to open but after a minute or two it finally opened (working from the office).