Double click to open Revit Links insitu?

is there a way in PyRevit to get Revit to open Revitlinks by double clicking on them?

we work with multi unit residential and commercial projects, where each suite is a linked Revit file. As the document set is being created we often are required to open links to make iterative revisions to the linked file.
Normal workflow is to open a separate Revit session, to edit the linked file, save and reload the linked file in the host file. Or the linked file can be opened in the same Revit session as long as it is unloaded first. Ihis is a cumbersome and time consuming process.

The penultimate process could be streamlined a bit by allowing end users to at the very least, double click on the linked file and have it open up.

The ultimate would be to edit revit links insitu, similar to AutoCAD Xref’s, which can be modified and saved in place.


Thanks for your thoughts.

Hello @cadmasteradam and Welcome to the pyRevit forum

  • Editing links in place is not a feature that a plugin can implement. There is not enough API coverage in Revit to do that so Autodesk can only make such changes
  • Double-clicking elements also don’t have an event handler as far as I know so there is not a decent way to respond to a double click

However, I think a simple pyRevit script could be made to open the model for the selected linked instance. This way, at least, a keyboard shortcut could be assigned to the script.

How’s that for a workaround?

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thanks for the informative response. indeed i think a shortcut could be beneficial, given that it can be onerous to located and open a linked file manually.

now just need to learn Python. Yikes!

PS thanks for the awesome plugin and support!

The ideal course of action would be to launch a second instance of Revit and load the link in that instance. This would avoid having to unload the link in the current project.